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Notice: A new airtightness testing machine for engine cylinder housing is developed.
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Beplayt体育-beplay官网-Air Leak Testing Machine for Gear-box housing/ Series LTA8010

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High accuracy and high reliability
An accurate air leak tester and well-known brands of electrical components in addition to professionally made fixtures and plugs are used to ensure the machine to be of high accuracy and high reliability and stable performance.
Quick change fixture
The machine fixtures are designed to a module so that they can be quickly changed in the case of different workpiece needs to be tested.
A high degree of automation with a retractable tray
Tray feeding, plugging, leak testing, fixture release, tray retracting are automatically completed so that the labor intensity of the operator is remarkably decreased.
Complete security measures
Fault alarms, protective net, an optic screen sensor and other detecting switches are equipped with the machine to protect the operator safety and the stable continuous operation of the machine.



about 1000Kg


L:1300  H:1800  W:1200

Air Supply


Power supply


Test pressure






Test Freq.

1 piece/60s

Machine Introduction
The machine is a special equipment for the  detection of the gastightness of the gear-box housing/clutch housing (cast iron or cast aluminum). And it can be used to detect the housing defects such as trachoma and crack and failure processing which may result in leakage.
    The machine is an off-line one, which includes two parts, a machinery and a measuring and control system. The machinery consists of a detection bench, a workpiece tray, workpiece fixtures, pluggings and etc. The measuring and control system consists of a operating panel, an electric cabinet, an air leak tester, an optic screen sensor and etc.
    The feeding for the machine is artificially done by the operator. However, the tray retracting and workpiece plugging are completed automatically by the use of a pneumatic system, which is of the features such as energe-saving, clean and compact. In addition, PLC is applied for the control system, and the control program is developed with a mannual mode and an automatic mode. The machine is equipped with acoustic-optic lights and a LCD screen to display the testing results. And a results statistic function is available to sum the total number of the tested workpiece, the total number of the qualified workpiece and the pass rate, and etc.


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